Whimsical Creator

Tiffany (Tiffa) Minsal is a freelance illustrator/designer who studied for her Game Artist career on the East coast. She spent her main years in Florida attending various art shows and festivals, selling her illustrations and merchandise. Tiffa recently moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her passions in the entertainment industry and to become a part of something greater than herself. She has worked in many fields of art, including the gaming industry, the film industry, and live television production. Her most recent project included being the production coordinator for Eric Demeusy’s independent feature film “Proximity”, the sci-fi drama about a boy trying to prove to the world that he was abducted by aliens. She mainly draws her inspiration from her wildly vivid dreams and nightmares, mixing that whimsical surreal element with the dark underlining story sewn into our imaginations. When she’s not creating illustrations or designing fun characters for mobile games, she likes to spend her free time in weekly taiko sessions in Little Tokyo and whipping up delicious bakes for friends. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of her painting murals in the desert.